County Commission District 2

 It’s the people. It’s you and me and everyone

we love working together for the greater good.

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My family has made District 2 home for more than four decades. After marrying into the Crow family, I made a decision to immerse myself in the community and learn about what makes this place tick.

It was easy to learn. It’s the people. It’s you and me and everyone we love working together for the greater good. I couldn’t help but do my part and give back to improve the quality of life for the district you and I call home.

It has been a great reward to leverage my professional background in communications and public relations to serve our area by advocating for residents and securing resources with local and state government support.

I can’t help but talk about my team – my husband, two stepsons Jackson and Tanner and our puppy Tuck that makes us complete. They are my “why” and the reason I believe it’s important to stand up for what’s right, especially when it’s hard.

My story started in Fort Braden, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. My strong values and proven ability to listen and advocate for others have created a stronger and more resilient District 2. Yet, I believe I can do more and look forward to serving in a larger leadership role.


Responsible growth

Each area of District 2 poses its own unique approach to growth. I look forward to learning more about the opportunities and challenges we face to better preserve and enhance our way of life. I will fight to ensure District 2 remains a place where beautiful things happen.

Job creation

I take seriously the duty to stand in the gap and ask the question: “What’s happening to our families that allows them or doesn’t allow them to provide for themselves and the ones they love?” As part of both a blue-collar and college-educated family, I will strive to bring diverse educational and employment opportunities to the table.

Safe neighborhoods

I will do my part to cultivate a strong working relationship with local law enforcement to address the multitude of safety issues that face different areas of our district. We know that crime comes in many different shapes and sizes and there is no one size fits all approach. My job will be to hear from you about what keeps you up at night or worried about your child’s safety.

Environmental Stewardship

Preserve and enhance our district’s environmental treasures.

Focusing community resources on District 2

At a very basic level, I believe we can all be united over one thing: the quality of life we hope for ourselves and what we leave behind for our family. We care about the value of our lifestyles, the value of our homes and the enrichment we receive from the community resources around us. It will be my job to learn more about each of you and how our local government can meet your needs by advocating for more resources to improve infrastructure, parks and public services.


Support Hannah Crow’s Campaign for County Commission District 2

 I am passionate about our community; I love our district and I am counting on
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“It’s the people. It’s you and me and everyone we love working together for the greater good.”